Sairan M. Kikkarin

Senior Scientist, Ph.D., IT Lab Head
Address: Institute of Physics & Technology, 050032, Almaty, 32, Kazakhstan
Office: IPT's main building, Room 413
Tel.: +7(727)3865542 office
E-mail: write here

A software to download: KazWin - In Russian (koi8-r)
                                      KazXWare - In Kazakh (UTF-8)

An essays to read:"Latin codepages to use for Kazakh" - In Kazakh (UTF-8)
                            "About kazakh codepages" - In Russian (windows-1251)
                            "Kazakh language coding in web pages" - In Russian (windows-1251)
                           "Kazakhstani keyboard layouts" - In Russian (windows-1251)

Other languages versions:  Kazakh and Russian